About Tim Barnes

Tim Barnes is the Conservative candidate for the General Election on Thursday, 4 July. He worked closely with Nickie Aiken when she was our MP and were on the Council together when it was led by the Conservatives. We asked Tim to introduce himself.

“My name is Tim Barnes, and I'm standing to be your next MP here in the Cities of London and Westminster. I'm 49 years old. I live in Soho. I work on Strand, where I’m the CEO of a small charity that helps people to start a business and get ahead in life, particularly those from deprived backgrounds. I'm passionate about where I live.

“I loved my time as a Westminster councillor and, indeed, as the Cabinet Member for Young People and Learning covering our children's services, our schools and our libraries. I've worked in the past in universities, and ensuring the next generation reaches its full potential has been a persistent theme throughout my life.

“I want to make our streets safer for everyone, ensure that we get a handle on crime and hold Sadiq Khan to account. I welcome the growth in cycling, but we need to deal with the chaos of abandoned e-bikes. And I want to improve our air quality. I will ensure our public services have the investment they need, including St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.”

Tim was selected as the Conservative Party's prospective MP for the Cities of London & Westminster, known as the Two Cities, in March 2024.

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