Investing what is needed for our public services

Everyone relies on our public services. From education and defence to the NHS. I will ensure they get the investment and reforms that are needed so we can all benefit.

Having overseen schools in Westminster, I know just how good they are and will constantly champion them to get the support they deserve.

Our health services require investment, and I will ensure St Mary’s Hospital receives the investment it needs, too, and will fight for our share of the additional 92,000 nurses and 28,000 doctors we will recruit and train.

Our Plan for the Cities of London & Westminster

Which three of the priorities set out in our plan are the most important to you and your family?


TimTalks: Understanding Education, Health and Care Plans

We caught up with Cities of London & Westminster Prospective MP Tim Barnes at the Campaign HQ this evening. Tim explains

"Here I am discussing the impact of Labour's VAT on fees for #privateschools on those in state schools on EHCPs.

Tim welcomes the Conservatives' Manifesto Launch

We spoke with Cities of London and Westminster's Prospective MP Tim Barnes, on the day of the Conservative manifesto launch. Tim explains

"I've been out and about talking with residents and meeting with businesses.