Our Plan

Our plan to secure a better future for the Cities of London & Westminster

I am proud to call Westminster my home. Thousands of local people have shared their thoughts to build Our Plan for a better future for the Cities of London & Westminster.

Have a read, and let me know your thoughts!

Tim Barnes
Prospective MP


Tim welcomes the Conservatives' Manifesto Launch

We spoke with Cities of London and Westminster's Prospective MP Tim Barnes, on the day of the Conservative manifesto launch. Tim explains

"I've been out and about talking with residents and meeting with businesses. 

  • Streets where we feel safe

    Living in central London, I hear regularly from the victims of serious crime. Every day, I see reports of mobile phone theft and shoplifting. The fear of crime, harassment or sexual assault, particularly among women, is a problem that demands serious action. 

  • Transport that works for Everyone

    We all want to see a wider variety of safe, efficient and accessible transport around London.

    We need buses through the night to allow people to get home safely.

  • Housing to be proud of

    Too many people cannot find a decent home, whether they are trying to step on to the housing ladder for the first time or move into somewhere larger so they can start a family.

  • Cleaner Air for Us to Breathe

    Sadly, we still have some of the worst air pollution black spots in the country. 

    It is a failure that so many of London’s buses still run on polluting fuel and that diesel trains still chug out of Marylebone despite campaigns by local people.

  • The Public Services we need

    Everyone relies on our public services from education to the NHS.

    I will make sure we get the investment and reform that are needed so we can all benefit.